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Build a simple web site from scratch

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There are lots of ways to build a web site for different needs. Sometimes you need to build a large scale complicate e-Commerce system to sell your products and manage your customers. While a lot of times, you might just need to create a few simple self-manageable pages to show information to people. This post provides an approach to handle the later case. You don’t need any IT background to build this kind of web sites, but follow some simple tech skills could make your life easier alone the way.

Cases this tutorial covering

Case # Name Description Complexity (1-10)
1 HTML pages Pure HTML/CSS/JavaScript files
* Pro: simple
* Con: hard to manage
Ideal for a few informational pages

So let’s start step by step, the overall time of seeing your first page published is about 20 minutes!


Create source control and hosting account

We will be using GitHub and Netlify to create our web pages.

Web Component CheckList

Here’s a list of components that can be used to build your web sites.

  • Accordion
  • Tout
  • Menu
  • Form
  • Breadcrumb
  • Popup section
  • Scroll to top